Steel Structure Workshop & Warehouse
Oct 29,2022.

Guangdong Cbox Project——Yunnan Steel Structure Workshop & Warehouse

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steel structuresteel workshop

The project is located in Yuxi, Yunnan, covering a total area of 40,650 square meters for workshops and storage warehouses.
steel warehouse
There are three buildings in total:
Building 1: 92000*125000mm
Building 2: 110000*125000mm
Building 3: 110000*140000mm

The project started construction in January 2021, was officially completed in March 2022, and is now in use.
steel house
As we know, the Portal Steel Structure is a flat-type structure made of steel. It is composed of variable-section columns and variable-section inclined beams, and is a combination of beam-column element components.

The structure of this workshop is 3 Rigde 6 Slope, Span 22000mm, Bay Spacing 8000mm.
steell structure

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